Welcome to Oak Bank School's Remote Education Platform. Here you will find a full timetable that identifies when staff are teaching in the remote classrooms for each year group.

The subject pages will give you an overview of the learning content within your googleclassrooms and much much more. .

Learners should approach this website in three steps

Step 1: Use the timetable at the below to plan your home learning schedule. It identifies when staff will be online live, present recorded content or in your googleclassrooms for assistance.

Step 2: Go to the subject areas. Here you will find media content and an overview of objectives relevant to your year group.

Step 3: Go to you Google Classroom to engage with work or follow the links on the subject pages.


Your families physical and mental health is the most important thing at this very difficult time.
-Prioritise positive engagement
-Try your best
-Ask us for support with your classwork

Remote Timetable

Let us know how we are doing.

How we are doing is really important to us. Delivering remote education is not something we have practiced or trained for!!

Your feedback is very important. It helps us to make decisions on how to improve and lets us know where we have got it right.

Many thanks in advance.

The Oak Bank Team