Welcome to Oak Bank Online's Mathematics page. Here you will find an overview of your work for the week and useful links to aid your remote learning.

If you have any questions then please email or

Remote Learning Instructions

1. Your teacher will set work on Google classroom so please monitor the platform closely

2. You should complete work each day according to your timetable and the majority will be using My Maths or Maths Watch. The target for ALL MyMaths tasks is 75%. If this target is not achieved please look at the lesson again and have another attempt at the task.

3. Work should be completed on the two platforms unless you are told to do something else. It is crucial that you use the two online portals correctly. Watch the VIDEOS in Maths Watch and take advantage of the Lessons that are posted as part of the task you have been assigned in My Maths.

4. If you have a problem or need to ask a question, contact your teacher over Google Meet or via email.

5. If you finish all your work, access the Oak National Academy or raise a work request via your Key Worker contact

Remote Learning Overview

Below you will see an overview for your math's lessons, this will be updated every week.

Maths Remote Learning Overview

Maths Around Us

Maths to be found in Sports - Why not view and send me some questions? Alternatively, find your own maths principles in sports of your choice! Send me the links, Mr Lalor

Real Life Maths - Why not view and send me some questions? Why not find some clips of your choice! Send me the links, Mr Lalor


Here is your PIN for the weekly Kahoot quiz, try to complete the quiz before it expires. Good Luck!

Weekly Kahoot Quiz

Maths Kahoot Challenges will be placed at this link.

Pi: How good is your memory??!!

Tower of Hanoi

Have a go at the Towers of Hanoi challenge, send your scores to and see if you can make the leaderboard.

Tower of Hanoi Leaderboard