Construction Timetable

Welcome to the Construction Team page - This page is overseen by Mr Blaxley

Really happy that you have visited our page. We know many of you enjoy the practical challenges that this area brings. It is really difficult working from home if you haven't got the tools and materials to hand.

However, you may have lots of smaller projects. Putting up a shelf, levelling the washing machine, wiring a plug and more. We have the expertise and tips to help you get these jobs done. This offer is extended to you family to. Maybe there is an upcycling project you are undertaking.

We are interested so please share your ideas with us. Our googleclassroom is loaded with work for you to have a go at and this page will be full of interesting life hacks for a time when life is hard enough already

Build it, fix it, up-cycle it, learn about it

For those Home Maintenance jobs during COVID

Whilst you are home we can provide advice and guidance on getting those little jobs done! Let us know and we can share the many DIY tips that we have or point you in the right direction.

Life Hacks for the Home

Some useful and some not so useful!!