Welcome to the Science Department Online Learning

Thanks for looking through our Science page. You will find some links to interesting websites - the KS3 and GCSE are BBC Bitesize sites which will provide a wealth of information to help with any remote learning. You will also find a list of activities on Google Classroom with a schedule of when the lessons go live.

If you have any questions please email or

Remote Learning Instructions

1. Your teacher will set work on Google classroom so please monitor the platform closely

2. You should complete work each day according to your timetable

3. Work should be completed in Google classroom unless you are told to do something else. You can photo, email or post.

4. If you have a problem or need to ask a question, contact your teacher over Google Meet or via email

5. If you finish all your work, access the Oak National Academy or raise a work request via your Key Worker contact

Remote Learning Overview

Below you will find an overview of your Science work, this will be updated every week.

Science Remote Learning Overview

Science Experiments

Check out these videos of science experiments!

Some you could try at home?

...and some you definitely SHOULD NOT try at home!