Horticulture Timetable

Welcome to the Horticulture page.

Here you will find your online learning links and much much more. I know you all enjoy growing things and this is something that can be done from home during lockdown!

I will give you tips and challenges to help your projects flourish. I would love to hear how your home growing projects develop and I can post your pictures on this page to show the World!

Remember, like all things worthwhile growing things takes time, care and sometimes a little luck with the conditions. Who knows you could grow a World Record sized vegetable or the best tasting ingredients for your cooking.

As an easy starter, why not try my potato growing project?! Nothing is better that knowing you can provide for yourself.

Mr McConnell

The Royal Horticulture Society have some brilliant resources but this is one I always return to. It tells you what will grow well at which times of the year!

It is frustrating when you put things to seed that don't come to fruition. This has always maximised my chances of a good crop. I hope it helps all our home growers


When you don't have a Garden!

If you do not have a garden, you can bring a little nature indoors. The video will show you how easily you can create a living ecosystem. Such fun to watch! You may even be able to watch some micro-organisms grow!

Check your parents and carers are happy for you to try this!!

My Home Eco-System is thriving. Proving that you don't just have to grow plants! Be a fan of Nature and show a keen interest in your outdoor environment.

Picture Left is my EcoSystem from the local stream before it settled. Picture Right is three days in. I can already spot some fresh water snails going about their business!!

School Gardening Campaign

Click the link (Image) on the left to visit the School Gardening Campaign. There are lots of resources that can be used at home for you growing projects. Being in the outdoors is great for relieving stress and finding some peace. During lockdown we may not be able to leave our gardens so lets make them an area of beauty.

If you do not have a garden a window with light is also a useable space!

Outdoor Space is really important

Whilst in open space we will see and hear a lot. The RSPB have a garden watch. Click the link to see how you can get involved.

I may even include some of the challenges in my Google Classroom